Raymond Williams’ Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society has been described as a marriage “of the resources of philology to an investigation of social and political thought.” You can access the entire work online here: Keywords

Your first essay in Problems and Methods of Literary study will be a re-writing of William’s entry on “Literature.” Your task is to read the entry, and then, based mainly on the readings in the course, you should write an entry of your own. You should use mainly materials that we have read in class thus far, but are free to also use other ideas and texts in so far as they are helpful.

You need not keep to the same style as Williams’ entry and you need not define the scope of your inquiry in the same way. The important thing is to come up with your own method and approach and to be consistent. What do you think is important/significant about the keyword “literature”?

Your entry should be roughly 1500 words. Notes can be written in an author/date style, e.g. (Johnson, 1773) so long as you specify the works to which you are referrring.

If you would like to learn more about Raymond Williams and his book Keywords, you can visit the following website https://raymondwilliams.co.uk/about-raymond-williams/