In the past three weeks of this course we have looked at a variety of love songs from the Arabo-Islamic world and the medieval West. In a essay of 5-7 pages, you should compare two love songs. Your comparison should be based on a close reading of the texts in question, and should address such issues as poetic imagery, poetic form, rhetorical devices, and diction. Your close reading may also attend to such questions as the individual/social experience of love, the physical/emotional and medical descriptions of love, and the philosophical dimensions of the love experience.

How does each of the poems portray the complexities of love?

You may choose one of three comparative schemas:

1.) Compare two songs from the same tradition
2.) Compare two pre-modern songs to one another–i.e. a Muwashshaḥa and a canso of a Troubador.
3.) Compare a pre-modern song to a modern love song of your choice.

In the conclusion of your essay, please reflect on what you have learned from the act of comparison.